Emergency Activation

Emergency First Responders will be activated in the event of one of the following three emergency situations:

  • Major conflicts – where the Israeli home front is subjected to military attack from  foreign countries.
  • Localized incidents such as acts of terror involving mass casualties.
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and other catastrophes.

Activation in an emergency will be facilitated through EVP's Emergency Activation System and at the request of the Israeli emergency services and municipalities.

Upon receipt of the request to activate Emergency First Responders, The EVP will begin an activation procedure working through team leaders.

Teams will be deployed in accordance with a predetermined placement schedule, as well as the team’s desire to be among the first, second or third waves of units to be deployed. 

First Responders should be aware that there may be arise situations when it will not be possible to make the trip to Israel or where the Israeli government may advise or even require foreign nationals to evacuate the country.


For more information contact: office@EVP.org.il



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