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EVP, acting for the State of Israel and authorized by the Israeli government, trains and brings emergency first  responders and non-professional responders to Israel to assist Israel’s emergency services and the civilian population. EVP was founded with the mission to create trained & certified volunteer teams that will deploy to Israel in times of crises.

Since its inception in 2009, EVP has trained close to 1,000 emergency volunteers and professional first responders throughout the USA and Israel.

Most recently in 2016, during Operation 'Water and Fire' EVP deployed 39 American firefighters to Israel providing much needed support and relief services.

EVP recruits volunteers to support Israel’s civilian population. Supporters of Israel have a hands on opportunity to play a vital role helping Israel BEFOREDURING and AFTER a crisis.


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EVP’s role during crises and peace includes: 

  • Deploying firefighters to Israel's Fire stations
  • Sending medical teams to hospitals to assist emergency, triage and other departments in coping with the increased need for medical services.
  • Utilizing trained communty service responders to maintain bomb shelters across the country ensuring that they are ready for immediate, long term use; help maintain municipal emergency supply depots; work with the National Water Authority, ensuring that emergency water supply facilities are fully operational when needed;working with municipal emergency services providing assistance to those confined to bomb shelters or their homes for extended periods of time.

EVP is ready for deployment on a moment’s notice! 


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American Friends of IEAF is a 501c3 charity in the USA and UK
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