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Hundreds of firefighters, paramedics, EMT's, nurses and community volunteers are ready to risk their lives for the safety of Israel!

When war or a natural disaster strikes - the people of Israel are counting on  EVP volunteers to reinforce Israel's emergency services!

The people of Israel look to us for support and help in times of crisis.  We are asking you to help us answer their plea!

By sponsoring an EVP Emergency First Responder you will be directly involved in saving lives in Israel.

We realize that not everyone who cares for Israel and the Jewish people can deploy to Israel during an emergency.  But you have a vital role to play:

  • Sponsor a volunteer and enable them to deploy when needed.
  • Encourage your friends, relations and colleagues to support your EVP partner by sending them the link to their personal profile page and posting on social media.

Go to the EVP Volunteer Pages and contribute to the safety of Israel now!

Help us by helping them to help the People of Israel

The IEAF is a registered 501c3 charity in the United States and the United Kingdom.



Israel Needs You

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American Friends of IEAF is a 501c3 charity in the USA and UK
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